Aluminum Heat Exchanger Vacuum Brazing Furnace

1.Type:Vacuum Brazing
2.Application;Heat Exchanger Brazing
3.Suitable for:Electricity
6.Place of Origin: Beijing
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Product Details

Main Technical Parameters
* Max. Temperature (ºC) :800
* Ultimate vacuum (Pa): 6×10-4
* Temperature uniformity(ºC):±3
* Pressure rising rate (Pa/h) :0.65
8 Heating element: refractory steel

Product Features
* Compact structure, highly-automatized opeation, green and energy saving
* Multi-zone heating and temperature control to get the best temperature uniformity
* Equipped with magnesium collector to prevent the magesium powder to pollute diffusion pump.
* Running safty and reliable, the control system can realize self-diagnosis, audible and visual alarm, interlock protection.

Configuration Option
* Exterior cooling system to save the brazing time
* Air filter to clean exhaust air

Customized furnace still avaiable according to different requirement

More Details
1)Horizontal type ,single furnace chamber ,square or round heating structure
2)Vacuum are anti-pollution and easy to change .
3)Air cooling build-in or outside loop.
4) Barrier for magnesium copper grid design ,effectively protect vacuum system of furnace .
5)Some patents are applied for design of furnaces .
6)high efficiency and stable for brazing process
7)Our customers are leading radiator companies around China and overseas.