Plate Fin Aluminum Heat Exchanger Core

1.Blasting Pressure:5.0 Mpa
3.Working Temperature:<100℃
6.Capacity of Heat Exchanger:as Your Request
8.Type of Cover:Profile,Stretching, Integral Forming

Product Details

It is part for water cooled heat exchanger. It can be used as water cooled oil cooler/air cooled.

Applied in many industries .it is key part of heat exchanger . water cooler Air fin height and pitch can be

Adjustable (fin height 3-11mm,fin pitch 8-20FPI) . water channel height :3mm. air channel height: 6-7mm

Material: 3003&4004.

Pressure tested before delivery .

Delivery time :2weeks off season /3weeks high season

Package: carton box or PLY wooden case.


Product Details


Company Strength

Our Company founded in 2003, is a fin type radiator, belt type radiator, and air conditioning system of professional manufacturers.

Companies design and manufacture efficiency, compact aluminum fin type radiator, the hydraulic oil radiator, oil cooler, heater, etc., can be used for air - air, air - liquid, liquid - liquid such as the heat exchange between the medium. Products are widely applied to various military, armored vehicles, special vehicles, railway track vehicles, ships, aircraft, ground equipment, at the same time for petroleum, chemical, electric power, new energy and engineering machinery development manufacturing all kinds of radiator, cold plate, liquid-cooled box and other high efficient and reliable products.
Companies to develop military air conditioning system is widely used in aerospace military facilities, military application, armored vehicles, ships, etc., can provide ring for telecommunication room, base station control air conditioning system, and provide various special vehicles, engineering machinery air conditioning system.


Package and Delivery


Q.Can't find the type you want?
A.Contact us by our engineers to design a solution for your request.(One Day)

Q.Express way and arrival time?
A.Optimal choice of express company,or according to the customer specified freight mode.

Q.After receiving the goods have quality problems?
A.Before leaving the factory, we have the quality and performance of each product testing, to ensure that the quality of the receipt will not be a problem.

Q.Do not like the existing packaging, courier?
A.According to customer requirements for customized packaging or delivery.

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