Plastic Heat Exchanger Radiator Intercooler Oil Cooler Plug Cap

1.Plastic Modling Type:Injection
2.Delivery Time:2-10days
3.Application:All Industries
4.OEM service:offered
5.Tensile Strength:600-2300
6.Operating Temperature:-70℃~ 79℃

Product Details

DESCRIPTION OF Plastic Heat Exchanger Radiator Intercooler Oil Cooler Plug Cap


Main Material
Low density polyethylene (LDPE), also known as high pressure polyethylene, is a plastic material, it is suitable for thermoplastic molding processing of various molding processes, molding processing is good.
LDPE is mainly used for film products, injection molding products, medical instruments, medicine and food packaging materials, blow molding hollow molding products.The company's main product materials are LDPE. In addition, there are PVC, EVA, PP, rubber, high-temperature nylon, ABS materials and so on.

• Thicker and Wider Flange for Added Durability
• High-Visibility Color
• Durable and Flexible, Can be Used as a Plug or a Cap
• Installs without tools

Applications include
• Meets Aircraft, Aerospace and Defense Industry Standards
• Used for tube and hydraulic fittings, tube end cap, pipe caps, or product protection
• Protects Against Dirt, Damage, Moisture and Corrosion
• Masking

Our Service
1. Thousands of lines in multiple sizes
2. Free samples
3. Sufficient stock
4. Quality Guarantee: Rohs, Reach, FDA
5. Professinal recommendation for Fortune 500 and SME companies

Package and Delivery



Q1. Can you provide sample to test?
Yes, We provides customers free samples and catalog within one day on request.

Q2. What's your MOQ?
We offer Mini pack and Micro Pack to meet your less than case quantity requirement.

Q3. What's your delivery time?
3 working days for thousands of in-stock items;
1-2 weeks for non-stock itmes.

Q4. What's your incoterms?

Q5. What's your terms of payment?
T/T 100% in advance.

Q6.What certificate do you have for your products?
Our products are compliant with RoHS, REACH,FDA.

Q7: Can you make the plastic or rubber parts in different colors and shapes?
Yes, We are glad to provide the parts in different colors to meet the customer's requirement. For custom parts, please contact the sales to get more detailed reply.

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