Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

3.Maximum Working Pressure:2bar-40bar
4.Liquid Flow Rate:2.5m/s, Customized made

Product Details

Heat is transferred from one stream through the fin interface to the separator plate and through the next set of fins into the adjacent fluid. The fins also serve to increase the structural integrity of the heat exchanger and allow it to withstand high pressures while providing an extended surface area for heat transfer.

A high degree of flexibility is present in plate-fin heat exchanger design as they can operate with any combination of gas, liquid, and two-phase fluids. Heat transfer between multiple process streams is also accommodated,with a variety of fin heights and types as different entry and exit points available for each stream.

Specific software is also available from various vendors, including the ProSec software for plate fin heat exchangers which was developed by ProSim in France, to simulate and design plate fin heat exchangers.

The main four type of fins are: plain, which refer to simple straight-finned triangular or rectangular designs; herringbone, where the fins are placed sideways to provide a zig-zag path; and serrated and perforated which refer to cuts and perforations in the fins to augment flow distribution and improve heat transfer.

Specification1. Material: aluminum
2. Fin Type: perforated-fin, wavy-fin, serrated-fin, plate-fin and louvered-fin
3. Main features: high strength, high heat conductivity
4. Applied fields:Aluminum air-cooling heat exchanger is applied for cooling of various kinds of air compressor, such as intercooler and after- cooler for piston compressor ,slide compressor power :2kw-400kw,pressure scope:2bar-40bar
Producing ProcessBlanking ->Fin Punching ->Cleaning ->Core Assembly -> Vacuum Brazing ->Part Machining ->Welding ->Pressure Test ->Drying ->Overall Inspection ->Painting ->Packaging
Advantages1. We can provide OEM service of het exchangers totally according to customers’requirement.
2. We can print logo according to buyers' requirement
3. We have been qualified by ISO9001:2000 since 2004
4. We has exported to many countries, such as Korea, USA, German, etc.
5. Our products are always aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger/oil cooler /intercooler/aftercooler and so on
Reason for choosing us1. Design term: We have professional design team.
2. Professional factory: We are manufacturer, specializing in manufacturing heat exchangers for over 10 years, competitive price with good quality.
3. Large productivity: 60 tons per month.
4. Sample:We can give out sample within 10 days, but the shipment charge usually paid by buyers
5. Rapid response to your needs:We will reply within 24 hours after receiving you letter.
If you have urgent thing,welcome to call us.
6. The Most Efficient Service, Best Quality and Excellent Reputation

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Fin Type of Plate Fin Heat Exchanger


Production Process


Company Strength and Advantage

1. High heat transfer efficiency, good temperature controllability:Special fin structure, the fluid to form a strong turbulence, thus effectively reducing the thermal resistance, improve heat transfer efficiency.

2. Compact:Heat transfer area density can be as high as 17300 m2 / m3

3. Lightweight, practical good:Fin thin, but the structure is very compact, small size, and available aluminum alloy which is lightweight and low cost.

4. High reliability:Full brazing structure, eliminate the possibility of leakage. Meanwhile, both the fin heat transfer surface and the supporting role, it is high intensity.


applicaion 1.pngapplication2.png

Packaging Process


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