Aluminum Bar Plate Heat Exchanger

1.Maximum Work Pressure:2-40 Bar>br> 2.Usage:Customized
3.Weight Range:3-150kg
5.Power Range:2kw-40kw
6.Colour:Black , Silver,Customized
7.Condition:100% New
8.Delivery Time:3weeks
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Product Details

Product Description of Aluminum Bar Plate Heat Exchanger

1.High heat transfer efficiency, good temperature controllability:

  Special fin structure, the fluid to form a strong turbulence, thus effectively reducing the thermal resistance,improve heat transfer efficiency.
2.Compact:Heat transfer area density can be as high as 17300 m2 / m3
3.Lightweight, practical good:Fin thin, but the structure is very compact, small size, and available aluminum alloy which is lightweight and low cost.
4. High reliability:Full brazing structure, eliminate the possibility of leakage. Meanwhile, both the fin hea transfer surface and the supporting role, it is high intensity.

Application of Aluminum Bar Plate Heat Exchanger


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