10 Women's Motorcycle Clothing Accessories(1)

- Nov 05, 2018-


More and more women are riding on two wheels. According to a 2008 survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council, 12.6% of motorcyclists and motorcyclists in the United States are women - an increase of 29% over 2003. This upward trend in female bikers is likely to continue, since women make up 15 percent of Generation X motorcycle owners and 14 percent of Generation Y owners.

Motorcycles are increasingly popular with women, and have spawned organizations dedicated to uniting women motorcycle enthusiasts.It enables motorcycle manufacturers to develop lighter, easier-to-operate models for small riders. Nowadays, more and more companies offer special motorcycle equipment and accessories series designed to keep women safe, comfortable and stylish.

Read on to learn about 10 motorcycle clothing accessories made especially for women.


Custom Helmet 

It is important to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. The helmet protects you from noise, rain, snow, hail and bugs. It can also save your life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that wearing a helmet will increase your chances of surviving a crash by 37%.

You will find half helmets, three-thirds helmets, full helmets and combination designs. Regardless of the style, the helmet consists of four basic components: the outer casing, the impact lining, the comfort pad and the strap. In the United States, all helmets must meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards. So be sure to look for DOT tags.

Beyond that, one of the most important considerations when choosing a helmet is the fit. Too loose and it could cause a neck injury. Too tight and you'll get a headache. With the right fit, you won't feel comfortable riding without it.

To keep up with the growing female motorcyclist population, helmet manufacturers now offer women even more choices than men. Helmets come in a variety of colors, including pink, and sport decorations such as butterflies, flowers and hearts.

Although helmet colors and graphics separate the female helmet, what really matters is the size. Women's helmets are smaller and lighter. The deeper, narrower outer casing fits the shape of the female's head, and the various side panel thickness dimensions help to customize. You will also find that the ladies' helmet has a ponytail gap and a washable anti-static lining to reduce the helmet's hair.


Contoured Glasses and Goggles

When you're riding a motorcycle, a bug in your eye can hurt. A rock in your eye could result in eye loss or even worse if it causes you to crash. Whatever the object is, protective eyewear is critical.

You should find many options in eye protection, from impact- resistant safety glass to shatterproof plastic lenses.You may end up with a mask that provides maximum protection; goggles that can be worn on sunglasses; or safely riding glasses, using foam around the eyepiece to reduce wind.

Light conditions change regularly when you ride, so it's best if your eyewear can adapt. Some glasses and goggles come with changeable lenses that you can easily snap in and out as the light conditions vary. UV ray protection and fog-resistant coatings are options many riders prefer.

Although finding riding glasses that block the wind, protect your eyes and fit properly can sometimes be a challenge, women no longer need to sacrifice style to get the right pair. Glasses and goggles come in a variety of stylish and functional styles and colors, so you can definitely find one or two other Jerseys that are right for you. The wraparound style is designed to protect smaller faces. The glasses provide a large frame and are bent around the eyes to block the wind. The contour also helps to optimize the rider's peripheral vision.