10 Women's Motorcycle Clothing Accessories (1)

- Nov 08, 2018-


8.Tank Bag Purse

When you go out on a trip, you'll want to go light, but you still need a way to carry your stuff, so we've compiled a few options, none of which are bulky wallets.

Why not use a fuel tank bag to store keys, cell phones, garage door openers, sunscreens and other personal items? The soft leather bag does not scratch your metal motorcycle fuel tank and is securely fastened by a magnet. When you reach your destination, fold the magnetic wing and pull the strap out of the side pocket of the bag. Instant wallet!

You can also try a hip bag to transport your essentials. The bag, which attaches to your belt loops by two snap hooks, can be worn as an on- or off-bike accessory. A detachable purse strap changes the look.

For a short ride, a simple cell phone holder might be all you need. The accessory ties around your waist with a leather strap and holds your phone in place with a firm snap. The oh-so-chic design goes with just about anything.


7.Armor Protection

It is important that your motorcycle equipment includes armor for protection in the event of a collision. While many jackets are already built into the shoulders and elbows, and sometimes have a detachable back pad, they can change and become uncomfortable while riding. A separate rear protector may be a better solution.

You will want your back protector to be designed for women. It will be tapered to fit your body and fits into a shorter torso. It is not bulky and can be worn under a jacket or other clothing. No one will notice that you are wearing it.

Women's back protectors are designed for comfort. Adjustable shoulder straps and elasticated waistband securely fastened to the waist, keeping the brace in place. Vents on the protector keep the airflow cool.

For more protection, you can add a chest protector. You can find some models that Velcro onto the straps of your back protector for complete armor protection.

Another protection option is an armor vest. Tailored for a woman, the vests are shorter than the men's version and come with adjustable Velcro straps for a proper fit.


6.Functional Fashion

You'll want motorcycle-clothing accessories that are both fashionable and functional. A microfiber cloth, like a Hogswipe, can help you achieve that look by wiping the dirt from the road off your bike, your glasses, your brow or anything else that needs a wipe. The soft, thick-ply Hogswipe clips to your bag or belt loop. It comes in a variety of bright colors and prints, making it the perfect accessory for your motorcycle wear.

When you ride a bike, there is nothing worse than blowing cold air into your trouser legs. In order to solve this problem, you may want to find some elastic straps on the cuffs of the pants and slide under the high heels of your boots. StoneyStraps is an option. They are fully adjustable and are ideal for female riders who might wear high heels. Chrome-plated clips come in a variety of designs to give you the look.