Air compressor aftercooler specific process work

- Apr 09, 2018-

The air compressor aftercooler is actually a set of industrial equipment that separates the components in the air to produce oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. The specific process of the air compressor aftercooler when working is to pay attention to the filtration system, dust filter, remove dust and mechanical impurities; in this compressor system, for the gas work, improve energy, have refrigeration capacity.


The next process of the air compressor aftercooler reaches the pre-cooling system, which pre-cools the gas, reduces energy consumption, and improves economic performance. A throttling cycle with precooling is more economical than a throttling cycle without precooling, which increases the refrigeration cycle, reduces the work load on the heat exchanger, and makes full use of the cold capacity of the product.


The specific process of the air compressor aftercooler also includes the purification system, which refers to explosion protection and purification. The air is composed of multiple components. In addition to oxygen, nitrogen, and other gas components, there will be water vapor, carbon dioxide, acetylene, and a small amount. The dust and other return impurities. These impurities will be accompanied by the air will enter the air compressor and air separation device will come greater harm, solid impurities will wear parts of the compressor, plug the cooler, reduce the cooling effect.


This process of the air compressor aftercooler will use the solid adsorbent to perform the difference in the multi-component adsorption capacity of the gas mixture; the ratio of oxygen to nitrogen production is 1:(2.5~3.5); the main role is also to adsorb air. In the water, carbon dioxide, acetylene, propylene, propane, heavy hydrocarbons, N2O and other impurities. Then during the expansion process, there is an output of external work. After the expansion, the internal energy of the gas increases, which requires energy consumption. This energy needs to be compensated by kinetic energy, so the gas temperature must be reduced.


The heat exchanger system of the air compressor aftercooler realizes energy transfer, improves economy, and low temperature operating conditions; the next step of the air compressor aftercooler is to pay attention to air separation, and the appropriate amount of expanding air (20% of air) ~25%) is directly sent to the above tower for rectification; nitrogen is drawn from the top of the lower tower or under the top cover of the condensing evaporator, reheated and then introduced into the nitrogen turbine expander, passed through the expander and returned to the cold, and used as a product. Output or vent.