Air compressor aftercooler use matters needing attention

- Mar 05, 2018-

Air compressor aftercooler in the process of using the main is used to the air in the various components of the gas separation, and then effectively produce nitrogen, argon, oxygen, a set of industrial equipment, air compressor aftercooler Gas precooling, reduce energy consumption and improve economy.

Air compressor aftercooler use matters needing attention

1. Air compressor aftercooler should not be placed in the process of placing the sun, rain, wind or relatively large relative humidity sites, the device can not prevent dust and more corrosive environment, do not place In the vibration, condensation water there is a danger of freezing. Do not leave the wall too close to avoid poor ventilation. Last resort to be used in corrosive gas environment, should be used brass anti-rust treatment dryer or stainless steel heat exchanger type dryer. Should be used in the ambient temperature below 40 ℃.

2. Compressor air compressor aftercooler import of compressed air do not take the wrong, in the process of operation in order to facilitate the maintenance, the need to ensure that the maintenance of space, it should be effective in setting the bypass pipe, so that you can to some extent Prevent air compressor vibration transmitted to the dryer. Do not add piping weight directly to the dryer.

3. Air compressor aftercooler drainage do not stand upright, do not discount or crush.

4. Compressor aftercooler power supply voltage fluctuations of less than ± 10% allowed. Should set the appropriate capacity of leakage circuit breakers. Must be grounded before use.