Air compressor heat exchanger characteristics and advantages

- Jan 04, 2018-

Air compressor heat exchanger belongs to a novel energy efficient waste heat utilization equipment. Under normal working conditions, the equipment mainly utilizes the waste heat from the air compressor to realize the cold water heating. In this process, does not involve the issue of energy consumption, which is generally referred to as non-consumption water heaters. Air compressor heat exchangers provide industrial hot water and reduce energy consumption.


For users, air compressor heat exchanger in saving a lot of energy at the same time, you can also save a lot of costs.


Overall, the main characteristics of air compressor heat exchanger can be analyzed from the following three aspects:


First, the air compressor heat exchanger to achieve zero heating costs. The equipment itself belongs to a waste heat utilization equipment, in the course of use, and will not increase the load on the air compressor itself, 100% of the use of air compressor waste heat to produce hot water, does not require any auxiliary heating equipment , So the heating cost is zero.


Second, the compressor heat exchanger is unaffected by the weather during operation. This is because during operation, the heat used is from the waste heat of the air compressor. In other words, as long as the factory is in production, the air compressor is running, and the compressor is running hot water with hot water generated from the heater, so it is not affected by the weather.


Third, the air compressor heat exchanger energy saving effect is remarkable. First of all, the air compressor heat exchanger can effectively solve the hot water supply of 1000 employees, and can recover the cost in about six months. In addition, it contributes to environmental protection by reducing the emission of waste heat and actually saves users an astonishing amount of expenses.


Not only that, air compressor heat exchanger to make full use of these preheat, but also can effectively reduce its operating temperature, allowing the cooling fan to stop. As a result, not only reduces the consumption of electrical energy, aging wire connector, but also to solve the problem of deterioration of lubricants, greatly extending the life of the air compressor heat exchanger.