Air cooled engine oil cooler core material requirements

- Mar 01, 2018-

Air cooled engine oil cooler core material requires strong corrosion resistance and heat dissipation, under normal circumstances there will be two, respectively, stainless steel and copper, air-cooled engine oil cooler core in the course of production of copper Quality is preferred with strong heat dissipation and corrosion resistance, stainless steel is the second, the heat dissipation of stainless steel without good copper material but better corrosion resistance than copper.

Air-cooled engine oil cooler in operation its main role is to cool the oil, so that you can to some extent effectively maintain its oil temperature within the normal working range of equipment in the high-power enhanced engine, due to heat Large load, must be equipped with oil cooler.

Air cooled engine oil cooler engine during operation, due to the viscosity of the oil will be as its temperature increases and thinning, so that will to some extent effectively reduce the lubrication capacity, therefore, some engines equipped with oil Cooler, its role is to reduce oil temperature, maintain a certain viscosity of lubricating oil. The oil cooler is arranged in the lubrication system circulating oil circuit.

Air-cooled engine oil cooler in the production of the core is mainly composed of a large number of cooling tubes and cooling plates in the process of driving the car, the effective use of automotive cooling head wind cooling oil cooler core, air-cooled Oil cooler requires good ventilation around, it is difficult to ensure adequate ventilation space in ordinary cars, generally seldom used. Most of the car in the cooler, because the car speed, cooling air volume.