Air Coolers Layout Environment Requirements And Use Advantages

- Jul 31, 2017-

Air coolers in the use of the process is mainly in the ambient air as its cooling medium, so that the tube can be high-temperature process fluid to a certain extent, its condensation and cooling, the manufacturers use its air cooler instead of its water cooling period Condensation of the media can not only save water, to a certain extent, can also reduce water pollution.

Air coolers maintenance costs are relatively low, the equipment in the course of the operation is very safe and reliable, the entire equipment life is long, the use of equipment is also very wide, mainly by refineries and petrochemical plants in the cold exchange equipment , Which covers the scope of effective use of diesel cooling, tower oil and gas condensate to gasoline and other different conditions.

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In the process of arranging the air cooler, it is necessary to effectively consider the basic requirements for the general layout of the compressor station. It also needs to consider the environment in which it is arranged. The temperature of the inlet air of the equipment will have a great influence on the thermal performance , So a reasonable environmental requirements can effectively ensure the normal heat exchange of their equipment.

Air cooler in the operation of the process need to pay attention to some matters, the equipment in the process of oil return, you must install the bypass unloading circuit, the equipment back pressure valve opening pressure needs less than 0.5MPa, so you can effectively avoid The system starts a high pulse pressure generated during the process.

The air cooler is not recommended to install its filter at the oil outlet. The pipe diameter needs to be effectively fitted with the inlet and outlet ports. It can not be reduced and used. As far as possible, use high pressure hose and straight head to reduce oil return resistance.

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