Air radiator valve on car radiator cover

- Mar 13, 2020-

How to put an end to the budding state
The "open pot" of the car water tank can be completely avoided, even in summer. As long as you usually pay attention to the maintenance of your car and pay attention to some small details of the car, you can completely prevent the "open pot" from budding. What should I do if I "open the pot"?

The right approach:
1. When the pan is opened at low speed, stop and turn off as soon as possible:
When you find that the car's water tank is showing signs of "opening the pot", if the vehicle is driving at a low speed, you can immediately find a safe place to stop others and stop the engine. Pay special attention not to panic the emergency stop to prevent rear vehicles from rear-end.

2. Stop at idle speed when opening the pan at high speed:
If the car “opens the pot” during high-speed driving, do not turn off immediately after parking on the side. Instead, let the engine keep idling for a period of time to emit more heat.

3. To improve the heat dissipation effect after parking:
After parking the car, open the engine cover in front of the car in time to improve the heat dissipation speed. The parking place should be in a well-ventilated place, and try not to park in a tunnel or a more closed place.

4. Be careful of burns:
Before the water temperature drops, do not touch any part of the engine or water tank with your hands. Be careful not to burn yourself.

5.Observe the water temperature meter:
6. Wait for the water temperature indicator to drop to a safe and appropriate temperature, then turn off the engine, and call the rescue phone for assistance.

Supplement antifreeze:
If it is found that there is a lot of antifreeze in the water tank, it is necessary to replenish the special antifreeze of the same brand in time. "Open pot" is most likely caused by a lack of antifreeze. Special care should be taken not to add tap water, because the chlorine gas component in the tap water will cause corrosion and rust to the water tank, the engine and other systems, and the cooling system will not be cooled smoothly, causing the engine temperature to be too high.