Air to air heat exchangers

- Jul 31, 2017-

As the air to air heat exchanger to ensure a better heat transfer effect, so its use of a wide range. And when we buy the appropriate air to air heat exchanger, then also need to be properly installed. If the installation is not appropriate, then it can not guarantee normal use. Let's take a closer look at the installation precautions for the device.

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First, before installing the air to air heat exchangers, we need to be prepared for response. For example, we need to do some basic inspection work, and to accept these basic projects, mainly to see the basis of the surface of the situation is consistent with the installation requirements, such as the plane position, the basic elevation, shape and main dimensions and reserved hole Meet the actual requirements.

In addition, we also need to see and ensure that the base surface of the horn is flat and strong, and the position of the selected anchor bolts is correct and reasonable, and the nuts and washers are guaranteed to be complete. After these basic acceptance work is completed, we need to place the horn before we can follow the air cooled heat exchangers. It should be noted that it is necessary to ensure that the foundation surface of the horn is flattened to ensure good contact between the two.

For the user, if necessary, then we can adjust the thickness of the horn, so as to ensure that the air to air heat exchanger to achieve the design of the level of height. And the placement of a reasonable horn can also increase the stability of the heat exchanger. Often, horns mainly include flat horns, oblique horns and open horns. The oblique horns must be used in pairs.

Another issue that needs attention is that we also need to place the corresponding horn on both sides of the anchor bolts and ensure that the horn placed does not adversely affect the thermal expansion of the air to air heat exchangers. In addition, we must ask the professional staff to install, to ensure the normal use of air to air heat exchanger.

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