Aluminum car radiator performance characteristics

- Dec 30, 2017-

Combined with the current state of the art, all-aluminum automotive radiators have become a very important part of automotive cooling systems. Aluminum radiator is the main role of the engine coolant jacket carries the excess heat after secondary heat exchange in the outside world with the help of forced air from the hot parts of the heat absorbed by the heat emitted to the air exchange Device.


Thus, the quality of the performance of the all-aluminum automotive radiator equipped with automobile cooling system will directly affect the cooling effect of the automobile engine and its power, economy and reliability, and even its normal operation and safety Driving has a significant impact. Currently automotive radiators are moving in the direction of light, efficient and economical development, so the use of such radiators have great advantages.


From the overall analysis, in fact, all aluminum car radiator has become the future of the main development trend of automotive radiators. This is because the radiator itself has many obvious advantages. First of all, the heat sink is made of aluminum with a high thermal conductivity so that the heat transfer efficiency can be improved.


Second, from the production point of view, all aluminum automotive radiator production technology has been relatively mature, with the production process is simple, easy to process, low cost of materials, the advantages of low prices. Thus has been a lot of users of all ages. What's more, aluminum is a metal material that is used more by the automobile industry and is also the material of choice for lightweight vehicles.


In comparison, the overall thermal efficiency of aluminum automotive radiators is generally better than copper radiators. Not only that, aluminum materials have good casting processability. And the structural strength of the former also significantly higher than the latter. In addition, under the same conditions, all-aluminum car radiator fault-free mileage should be much higher than the copper radiator.