Aluminum Stacked Plate Transmission Oil Cooler Main Features

- Jan 06, 2018-

Aluminum stacked plate transmission oil cooler to achieve the integration of heat transfer tubes, which can ensure better heat transfer, but also to avoid the solder joints due to poor heat transfer caused by poor problems. Next, we will briefly introduce you to the basic knowledge of the aluminum stacked plate transmission oil cooler, hoping to deepen our understanding.


From a structural point of view, in fact, aluminum stacked plate transmission oil cooler is mainly composed of inlet cover, shell, tube bundle, back cover, seals and fasteners and other components. One of the four ports is also arranged on the housing for connecting the oil inlet and outlet pipes, and the outlet for discharging oil, water and air is also provided. It is mainly used for cooling hydraulic oil and lubricating oil. So far, the device has been widely used in different industries, such as plastic machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery and steel.


Typically, aluminum stacked drive oil coolers can be dual backhaul, or multiple backhaul and more. One of the cooling oil to the shell process, the water to go tube, the oil flow from the inlet along the baffle to the outlet, the cooling water is along the inlet through the heat transfer tube to the back cover, then Heat exchange tube back to the water outlet, discharged from the outlet aluminum plate drive oil cooler. Thus, water through the heat transfer tube through the heat transfer tube to take away the heat released by the oil, so as to achieve the cooling effect.


Because of this, aluminum laminated transmission oil cooler has long been widely used in various hydraulic systems and lubrication systems. This is because, through the device, the two fluid media with a certain temperature difference can be heat-exchanged, so as to reduce the oil temperature and ensure the normal operation of the system.


In contrast, the use of advanced integrated design structure, so when using the aluminum stacked plate transmission oil cooler, to avoid the trouble of mixing water and oil. Coupled with its compact design, it is easy to install and operate. And aluminum plate drive oil cooler lighter weight, durable, able to withstand high temperature and pressure, providing users with a great convenience.