Aluminum water cooling plate layout characteristics and selection requirements

- Aug 13, 2018-

The aluminum water cooling plate is effectively designed according to the principle of dense phase transportation. It provides a low cost, low energy consumption and no cost to the cooling and heating of the powder. The pollution solution is an advanced, economical and effective alternative to traditional powder and granule heat exchange equipment, fluidized bed, drum and double hollow spiral.

The aluminum water cooling plate is very compact and vertically arranged when it is used. It can be installed in a small field during operation, which is very suitable for the transformation of old plants and old equipment to some extent. There is no need to post-discharge the exhaust air, no need to set up post-treatment equipment such as bag filter or dust washing tower, and no power consuming equipment such as induced draft fan or blower. No need for air intake and air treatment, which eliminates the environmental pollution caused by traditional air-cooled dust.

 The aluminum water cooling plate has a large heat transfer area per unit volume during operation, and the powder and granule materials in the entire heat exchanger can be operated by gravity and heat transfer plates in a narrow rectangular heat exchange channel during operation. Indirect heat exchange, high efficiency. The material moves gently and slowly, minimizing the damage to the granular material.