Aluminum water cooling plate radiator brass buried pipe technology and welding process choice

- Feb 05, 2018-

Aluminum water cooling plate in the field of power electronic control, drive, signal transmission, conversion and new energy fields, large server cooling, UPS and energy storage system cooling, large photovoltaic inverter cooling, in pursuit of high performance, low noise and low temperature operation, and Subject to space constraints, heat dissipation has become the ideal limit for product development, liquid cooling technology has become the preferred thermal management.

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Aluminum water cooling plate radiator buried copper pipe process options

Shallow buried pipe technology: for single-sided mounting devices, copper flattening and aluminum plate while milling at the same time, fully conducive to the high thermal conductivity of copper to take away the heat, the use of lightweight aluminum play a weight-loss and cost control.

Deep tube technology: Suitable packing for the import of high thermal conductivity of epoxy resin, double-sided temperature difference between devices is not the case, the single and double-sided mounting device, because the copper thickness is not secondary processing, and a filler protection can provide applications The safety, especially for the refrigerant as a medium cold plate.

Pipe technology: suitable for copper + brass, in order to reduce the thickness of the plate play a weight-loss effect.

Double-sided pinch process: Both sides of the installation of the device, the process is simple and low cost; aluminum + aluminum tube & brass & stainless steel tube.

Aluminum water cooling plate welding process selection

The cold plate flow channel is directly formed by the extrusion process, and then circulated through the machine mode. Usually, the welding is carried out by friction welding, brazing welding and the like. The production process has the advantages of high production efficiency and low cost, and is not suitable for excessive heat dissipation , The surface is not suitable for too many screw holes to limit waterways or reduce reliability. Mainly used in: power battery water cooling heating device, sub-water tank and standard power module integrated cooling products.

Keel and steel column fixed: between the skeleton and the steel column at a distance between the spot welding, the horizontal fixed point spacing should be 550 ㎝, vertical fixed spacing of 1200 ㎜, should be firmly fixed.

Keel correction check and reinforcement: Before installing the cover panel, should check the firmness of the partition skeleton, if not firm place, should be reinforced. Vertical deviation of the vertical keel should be ≤ 3mm, the surface should not be ≤ 2mm uneven. Laying the wall of the body 50 mm rock wool board filler, fill material should be covered with paved.