Analysis of leakage when hydraulic oil cooler in operation

- Sep 23, 2017-

Recently ,our TECFREE after sales serviceman received mail regarding leakage of hydraulic oil cooler , want to know why ? Firstly , the reasons for leakage are many possibilities such as wrong operation,overloading etc ,below are some details :

1. Regarding erection of hydraulic oil cooler
A. Adding bypass-valve is a must ,it can protect oil cooler when machine is in malfunction. Importantly ,when machine is in good condition , pressure of oil return will not damage oil cooler.but when machine is out of order ,such as electromagnetic valve broken or circuit control disabled, impulse pressure of returning oil will burst the oil cooler .
B. We do not suggest to install filter at position of oil outlet ,it will cause increase of returning oil pressure if you can not clean the filter often . our advice is installation at front of oil inlet of oil cooler.
C. Safety factor . we must know the actual flow rate of oil return. Actual oil returning flow is not same as working flow of pump (pls contact supplier). For instance ,actual oil return :100L/min, selection of  oil cooler must be safety factor2 ,means100*2=200L/min .without bypass valve and safety factor ,it will be in danger when machine failures.


2. Regarding the causes of leakage , it is hard to judge if not on site .Therefore ,we suggest that cut the position of leaking area ,specify the pressure of oil return according to damaged extent of burst section ,find the real reasons. If customer is from far away ,can send pictures with e-mail.

3. Pressure gauge sometimes can not detect the impulse pressure ,because it produces only0.35second .we often think pressure is always stable .but in fact,from gauge we can not find the impulse pressure .

4. Customers often ask how to handle a pressure test with hydraulic oil cooler . TECFREE suggestion is : operate a static pressure test with 25-30bar. Way is one oil inlet blocked ,the other fill with water or oil ,maintain 10minutes .

5.TECFREE is always together with needs of our customers , always trying to find better cooling solutions for all customers .We believe we can avoid such problems by advancing our design and more strict control for production process !

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