Application characteristics of excavator hydraulic oil cooler

- Jan 13, 2018-

The so-called hydraulic oil cooler for excavator, referring to a dedicated excavator in the cooler equipment. In the installation, the excavator hydraulic oil cooler is usually installed in the system return line. In fact, in a variety of large-scale equipment or heating more serious hydraulic system will generally install a separate cooling system, and the cooling system is the core component of the cooling system.


So for the excavator, the main function of the hydraulic oil cooler for excavator is to maintain the heat balance of the entire hydraulic system, so that the system temperature is maintained within the appropriate range. Normally this temperature range is 35 ° C to 55 ° C. If the temperature exceeds this range, then the cooler will start to lower the oil temperature. Especially when working in the summer, if the cooler is not used, the equipment may be damaged due to overheating.


Hydraulic oil cooler for excavator works: Under normal circumstances, the cooler is mainly set in the hydraulic system on the loop. During operation, the hot oil in the hydraulic system flows through the cooler device and then efficiently exchanges heat with the forcibly flowing cold air in the heat exchanger to bring the oil temperature down to operating temperature to ensure that the main unit can be continuously operated normally Make sure the equipment is working properly.


Hydraulic excavator excavator on the scope of application and power plant: The device operating pressure should usually be maintained at about 1.6 MPa, which allows maximum hydraulic oil temperature of 120 ℃. The power plant used mainly includes four types, namely: 1, AC motor; 2, DC motor; 3, hydraulic motor; 4, explosion-proof motor.


From the structural analysis, in fact, excavator hydraulic oil cooler is mainly used a number of similar corrugated sheet metal stacked from a new type of high efficiency heat exchanger. Excavator hydraulic oil cooler with heat transfer efficiency, heat loss, compact and lightweight, small footprint, easy installation and cleaning, practicality and long service life advantages.