Application of Air Cooled Engine Oil Cooler

- Dec 28, 2017-

From the outside, the air-cooled engine oil cooler resembles a small heat sink. The core is composed of a number of cooling tubes and cooling plates, the use of cars oncoming wind cooling of the oil. In comparison, this air-cooled engine oil cooler cooling capacity is relatively large, you can achieve a more ideal cooling effect in a short time.


Because of the characteristics of air-cooled engine oil coolers, we mainly apply them to racing cars and supercharged supercharged cars at this moment because of the high cooling speed due to the high racing speed. At the same time, this type of cooler is generally seldom used in ordinary cars because it requires a long warm-up time after the engine starts to reach the normal operating temperature of the oil.


In fact, the main function of the air-cooled engine oil cooler is to cool the lubricant so that the temperature of the lubricant is always kept in the proper range. As some high-power enhanced engine heat load, it must be equipped with oil cooler. During the rotation of the engine, the lubricating ability of the oil decreases as the viscosity of the oil gradually decreases as the temperature rises.


Because of this, the use of air-cooled engine oil cooler, the lubricant can be timely cooling, so that the temperature maintained within a certain range, to ensure its lubricating properties. Under normal circumstances, this cooler is mainly arranged in the lubricating oil circulating circuit, which works in line with the radiator.


The above content is mainly for everyone to share the basic knowledge of air-cooled engine oil cooler, hope that understanding of these contents, you can have a deeper understanding of the use of air-cooled engine oil cooler performance. At the same time, I also hope that in daily use, we can make good protection so that it can give full play to its own role and value.