Auto radiator core cleaning time and why use soft water

- Oct 12, 2017-

Auto radiator is an important auto parts, the cooling effect to avoid the car inside the temperature is too high and failure, affecting the normal driving of the car.

Auto radiator have some precautions in daily use: to check the water level frequently. And wait until the parking cooling and then add water. When adding water, can not be too close to the water, so as not to be high temperature steam burns. And winter use, you should add antifreeze, etc., to prevent freezing due to low temperature and damage.

Auto radiator core of the complete cleaning according to the actual use of the decision, usually 1-3 months completely cleaned once. In the cleaning, the application of water along the back of the wind to the side of the flush, so that in order to have a good cleaning effect.

The use of long-acting coolant in automotive radiators is determined by the regional ambient temperature. In addition to regularly check and replace the new, so as to ensure that the coolant has a good cooling effect.

Auto radiator to use soft water, this is because the car radiator in the use of hard water, then the hard water impurities easily lead to problems such as jamming the radiator. So you must use soft water, to avoid blocking the problem, so as to ensure the normal use of car radiator. If it is hard water, the first softening into soft water can be used, and can not be directly into the radiator.

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