Auto radiator use matters needing attention

- Jan 18, 2018-

In order to ensure the good performance of the auto radiator to be fully played, daily operation must be in accordance with the requirements of the use requirements. First, the car radiator must not be acid, alkali or other corrosive substances in contact. During use, it is best to use soft water, if it is hard water, it should be softened before it can be used to prevent clogging inside the radiator or generate scale.


In addition, the use of antifreeze should take into account the corrosion problems, in order to avoid corrosion of the auto radiator, be sure to use the regular manufacturers and meet the national standard long-term anti-rust antifreeze. Of course, during the installation of the radiator, should pay attention to the action is accurate, do not damage the heat sink, or collision, to ensure the cooling capacity and sealing.


If you need to drain the water inside the car radiator first, and then re-add water, the engine cylinder should be the first to open the water switch, when the water flow out and then closed, so as to prevent blisters. In addition, in daily use, staff should always check the water level, make sure to add water when the temperature drops down. When adding water, first slowly open the water tank cover, the operator should be as far away from the water inlet, so as to avoid being burned by high-pressure steam.


It should be noted that due to the low winter temperatures, ice may appear, leading to rupture of the core. Therefore, in a long time parking or indirect parking, you need to open the water tank cover and drain switch, the water all released. At the same time pay attention to the car radiator working environment should be kept ventilated and dry.


In addition, but also with the actual use of the auto radiator cleaning, usually every one to three months to clean the core. When cleaning, use clean water to flush along the reverse windward side. In short, in order to ensure the normal use of automotive radiators, routine inspection and maintenance is very necessary.