Basic structure of radiators for forklift

- Apr 02, 2018-

The radiators for forklift is mainly composed of the upper water room, the lower water room, and the radiator core. Forklift radiator equipment on the top of the water chamber has a water inlet, cooling water will thus be injected into the entire cooling system and covered with a radiator cap. In the upper water room and the lower water room, there will be an inlet pipe and a water outlet pipe, respectively. The inlet pipe and the outlet pipe are connected with the rubber hose and the outlet pipe of the cylinder head and the water inlet pipe of the water pump respectively. This kind of installation is more convenient.


And when there is a small displacement between the engine and the forklift radiator, it will not leak. A shock absorber is generally installed under the radiator to prevent the radiator from being damaged by the vibration. There is a water release switch on the outlet pipe of the radiator water room, and if necessary, the cooling water in the radiator can be released.


Next, talk about the fan in the radiators for forklift, in order to increase the air flow rate and flow through the radiator, in order to enhance the cooling capacity of the radiator and to cool the engine accessories; this fan is mostly axial flow and is installed in Between the engine and the radiator, and the pump is driven coaxially. The fan is screwed to the pulley or flange plate at the front end of the pump shaft.


The water tank cover (pressure cover) in the radiators for forklift is actually the cover of the filling port of the water injection tank on the radiator; the function of the water tank cover is to close the water inlet to prevent the cooling night from spilling out; the water vapor in the cooling system is discharged. (Vapor Discharge Tube) Depressurize; balance the pressure in the cooling system so that it can be pressurized when it is used.


Forklift radiators have an open water cooling system, which means that the steam exhaust pipe is open to the atmosphere (easily leaked coolant and escape of steam); there is also a closed water cooling system in the radiator of the forklift: there is an automatic valve on the radiator cover and the engine works hot Normally, the valve closes, separating the cooling system from the atmosphere. To prevent the escape of water vapor, the pressure in the cooling system is slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure, so that the boiling point of the cooling water can be increased. When the pressure in the system is low or high, the valve opens, and the cooling system communicates with the atmosphere.