Bulldozer Radiator Operational Advantage

- Mar 22, 2018-

The bulldozer radiator is used as a heat-transfer heat-conducting component inside the bulldozer during use, and plays a very important role for the bulldozer. The bulldozer radiator is mainly made of aluminum or copper in the manufacturing process, and the radiator The core is its main component and contains the coolant.

The heat sink and the water tank are used together as a heat dissipating device for the bulldozer. The materials used for processing are mainly made of metal corrosion-resistant materials during the production process, so that the acid-base and corrosiveness can be effectively avoided to some extent. Solution contact, so you can avoid being damaged.

For the bulldozer radiator, the failure of its equipment is very common, to some extent reduce the occurrence of its clogging, in the process of operation need to inject its soft water, the hard water is needed to soften before injection, To a certain extent, it can effectively avoid the clogging of its bulldozer radiator caused by its scale.

Bulldozer radiator is easy to freeze expansion and freezing, so antifreeze should be added to avoid water freezing. Therefore, we should check the water level at any time during daily use. We need to add water after cooling down. The radiator of the bulldozer needs to be opened slowly during the process of adding water. Water outlets, so as to avoid high-pressure high-temperature oil and gas jet nozzles cause people to burn.