Car radiator material requirements and operating structure

- Nov 11, 2017-

Car radiator in the production process is mainly composed of the water chamber, radiator and water chamber and other three components, in the course of its coolant flow in the radiator core, so the air will be in the radiator Outside the pass, the hot coolant will be directly cooled by the air cooling directly, the cold air is due to absorb heat from the cooling fluid and warming.

Car radiator classification:
Products in the process of classification according to their equipment in the direction of coolant flow, the equipment can be effectively divided into cross-flow and vertical flow of two, if in accordance with the structure of the device core structure can be directly divided into pipe equipment Radiator, Tubular Heat Sink and Radiator Core.

Car radiator material
In the production process of its equipment, the material is mainly made of two kinds of aluminum and copper, the former for general passenger cars, the latter for large commercial vehicles. The development of equipment materials and manufacturing technology is very fast, aluminum radiator with its obvious advantages in material lightweight, in the field of cars and light vehicles to gradually replace the copper radiator at the same time, the copper radiator manufacturing technology and technology have Long-term development.
Automotive radiators in the production process is mainly from the perspective of environmental protection to consider, in the new European sedan, aluminum radiator occupy an average of 64%. From the perspective of the development of automobile radiator production in our country, the aluminum radiator produced by brazing is gradually increasing. Brazed copper radiators are also used on buses, trucks and other engineering equipment.

Car radiator operating structure
Equipment is an important and indispensable component in the cooling system of automotive water-cooled engines. It is developing in the direction of light-weight, high efficiency and economy. The structure of its equipment is constantly adapting to new developments.
Car radiator area should be used in the need to have sufficient flow area, so that you can let the coolant through the use of the same time also have enough air flow area, so that enough air to take away the coolant Heat transferred to the radiator.

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