Charge Air Cooler for Truck Use Pay Attention To

- Jan 15, 2018-

Inflatable coolers have been widely used on buses with rear engines and have been gradually applied to trucks in recent years. The use of truck charge air coolers can serve to reduce the dryer inlet air temperature and maintain the dryer in an efficient working condition. Furthermore, under the action of a truck charge air cooler, dry compressed air can be supplied to the entire brake circuit.


Not only that, in practical applications, the charge air cooler for truck can also play a certain extension of the life of each valve, to avoid winter icy affect traffic safety and so on. However, it should be noted that in the process of installing such a cooler, it is also necessary to pay attention to, and to design a reasonable piping system. In fact, the device is mainly used to cool the compressed air at high temperature from the air compressor. Similar to the function of the spiral tube, the device can also cool down the air.


Combined with the practical application, the main advantage of the truck charge air cooler is that it can ensure a better cooling effect, and its location is also more flexible. Therefore, not only can the desiccant efficiency drop caused by the overheating of the dryer be prevented, but also the problem of damage to the pump valve due to the wet gas entering the gas line to condense into water can be avoided.


Normally, during installation, the charge air cooler for truck is arranged above the pipe between the air pump and the dryer. At this point we must pay attention to the length of the pipeline, so as to avoid the load is too large and affect the normal use. In short, many trucks have been equipped with this truck charge air cooler device, I hope everyone in the process of making more attention to observe, to ensure the cooler equipment running well.


In other words, due to the widespread use of truck charge air coolers, more stringent requirements are placed on the layout of the pipes, so this should be taken into account. To be able to ensure efficient truck air cooler for everyone better service.