Checking hoses and the radiator cap(3)

- Nov 29, 2018-

Removing and refitting hoses图片1

The quickest way to remove a vanishing hose that cannot be easily pulled out is to cut the end that fits the stub.

  Release the clip, slide it back, and then cut the knife tube horizontally with a sharp blade.

   Be very careful if the stub is plastic. A sharp knife may cut through the stub or score it badly.

  This end can now be removed, and by loosening the other clip and twisting the hose back and forth, the hose should come away easily. Clean any corrosion from the stubs before fitting a new hose.

  Slide the clip loosely onto the hose to ensure that the screw head is easily accessible when tightening the screw. Push the end of the hose well onto the short tube. If this is difficult, soften the ends with hot water and apply the short column with liquid soap.

  If wire clips are used, wind adhesive tape around the hose underneath them, so they do not cut into it.