Classification and Use of Car Radiator

- Aug 10, 2017-

Car radiator, as the name suggests, is used in a car on the radiator, mainly play a role in heat, so this kind of radiator, called the car radiator. So, in addition to this basic understanding, the understanding of the radiator, what should be? This question, since the proposed, then the following, things not later, immediately to give a specific answer, so that we have learning content.

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1. Classification of Car Radiator
Car radiator This kind of radiator, if the direction of the flow of coolant to be divided, then there are cross-flow and longitudinal flow of these two. If it is divided by the radiator core structure, then you can have a tube cooling core, tube belt heat sink and plate cooling core of the three.

2. Car Radiator Material and Structure
Car radiator, its material, there are two, one is aluminum, mainly used in the general passenger car; the second is copper material, mainly used in large commercial vehicles.
Car radiator, its composition, mainly there are water room, water chamber, and the radiator core of the three parts. The coolant is flowing in the radiator core, and the air is outside the radiator, and through the coolant, the hot air into cold air, so as to achieve the purpose of absorbing heat and cooling.

3. Car Radiator Use and Maintenance
Car radiator, its use and maintenance, the specific terms, mainly have the following, is:
(1) This kind of radiator should avoid contact with corrosive substances, and should use soft water, so that it can avoid the occurrence of scale or clogging and other issues. In addition, the choice of antifreeze, should use long-term anti-rust antifreeze, this is better.
(2) Car radiator in the installation process, should be correct and standardized to ensure the quality of installation, and its use effect. In the daily use of the process, should always carry out inspection work, such as its water level is normal. In addition, from time to time, to conduct a thorough cleaning to ensure that the radiator can be used normally.

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