Combi coolers for agriculture machinery

- Oct 30, 2017-

Generally ,Cooling system for agriculture machinery will be combi coolers. Agriculture machinery will have big power system and varied mechanical components .Separated coolers are not good design .Best way is put them side by side by steel frame .
Due to the specific working condition , fin pitch must be 8-10mm .it is easy to clean up and will not be blocked with grain .
It will be air cooled cooling solution ,wind will take heat away as well as fluids flow in extruded tubes . Water and air coolers are for engine cooling ,oil cooler will be cooling solution for hydraulic system . engine or transmission oil cooling solution can be separately set or with combi cooler ,that need to check with space and heat power. engineers in agriculture machinery company will make final decision of the best .
Besides , good anti-shock block is also very important for mounting of combi coolers , it can prolong life span of coolers . If design of coolers are made by aluminum . if machine will be running in very cold place in winter.It need to check carefully the welding seam quality by radiator company .

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