Common types of heat sinks for industrial radiators

- Mar 06, 2020-

Industrial radiators are the main equipment in heat exchange devices such as cooling air with refrigerant, heating air with heating medium, or recovering waste heat from air with cold water. In the working process, the heat pipe plays an important role and is also one of the structural components of the equipment.

The main types of heat pipes commonly used in industrial radiators are:
Steel heat pipe (steel pipe wound steel fins, hot-dip galvanized), steel and aluminum composite heat pipe (pipe rolled aluminum fins), copper heat pipe (copper pipe wound copper fins, tinned), copper and aluminum Radiator tube (copper tube rolled aluminum fin), stainless steel radiator tube (stainless steel tube around stainless steel fin, high frequency welding).
Among them, the steel heat pipe, hot-dip galvanizing is the key, which can fill the gaps, stabilize the fins, efficient heat transfer, and corrosion protection; the copper heat pipe, tin lining is the key.
The correct selection of the heat pipe will have an effect on the use effect and efficiency of the industrial radiator. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose the appropriate product according to the actual situation.