Comparison of Aluminum Heat Exchanger with Other Heat Exchangers and Determination of Tube Diameter

- Aug 19, 2017-

There are many types of heat exchangers ,also made from many forms of materials .If material is aluminum ,then we can call this totally as “aluminum heat exchanger “.  What kind of basic understandings do we have to have ? next is more information .

Aluminum heat exchanger.jpg

1. Aluminum heat exchanger and stainless steel heat exchanger . Any kind of difference between them?
Aluminum heat exchanger ,its material is aluminum .so ,it has small thermal resistance and high efficient heat transfer .
Stainless steel heat exchanger ,its material is stainless steel ,its advantage is non-corrosive and simply with welding .
So,There are distinctive differences between them in functions .

2. How to determine the diameter of inlet&outlet tube for aluminum heat exchanger ? Why some need powder coating and anode oxidation membrane ?
About diameters of fluid tubes ,There is no fixed choices ,it depends on heat power and flow rate for each machine .
 About second question , If our heat exchangers working in harsh condition ,such as next by salty sea water ,high ambient temp , dusty site ,corrosive medium etc , then it will be used to protect heat echangers and achieve longer working hours .

3 Steel tube heat exchanger and aluminum heat exchanger ,how to choose ?
Steel tube heat exchanger has good mechanical strength and lower price in material . Aluminum heat exchanger is good at high efficient heat transfer and more compact . Therefore ,we need to choose according our detailed situations.

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