Different classifications of fan filter mesh

- Mar 26, 2018-

The fan filter mesh is an air purification treatment equipment consisting of a fan, high-efficiency (ultra-high efficiency) air filter, cabinet and control unit. It has a certain modulus size and standard specifications. Usually, multiple units are used in combination, and standard ceiling keels are used. installation. And fan filter equipment can be classified according to size, material, motor and control.


For fan filter network equipment classified according to size, used to install the unit's ceiling keel centerline distance, chassis module size is mainly divided into: 1200 * 600, code-named 42; 1200 * 900, code-named 43; 1200 * 1200, Code number is 44; 600 * 600, code name is 22; 750 * 1500, code number is 25; other customer custom non-standard size (custom-size, with CS).


For fan filter mesh equipment classified according to material, this time can also be divided into standard coated steel (including galvanized, aluminum zinc, spray, etc.), code-named G; stainless steel plate, code-named S; aluminum plate (Aluminum alloy plate), code-named A; other materials, code-named O.


Fan filter devices are categorized according to motors, that is, they can be divided into AC motors and brushless DC motors. AC single-phase motor code is A1; AC three-phase motor code is A3; DC brushless motor code is EC.


If the fan filter mesh equipment is classified according to the control of a single operating condition unit, denoted by S; multiple operating conditions are divided into control units, denoted by M; stepless regulation of the unit, including voltage regulation or frequency conversion control, etc. can be defaulted. Then there will be a standard static pressure type code S; high static pressure type code H. Standard Static Pressure This item can be defaulted.


Finally, that is, more importantly, for the fan filter network equipment in accordance with the filter efficiency, if the efficiency of the filter with high efficiency can be divided into high efficiency filter, code-named H; ultra-efficient filter, code-named U; fan filter network equipment Inlet with coarse pre-filter code P. Different filters have different filtering effects. Special attention should be paid to actual selection.