Different Radiator Leak Repair

- Aug 28, 2017-

1. In the radiator, if it is one of the heat pipe leak, then, how should we deal with, or repair it?

Radiator leak repair, if it is due to radiator cooling tube caused by leakage, then it can be through the fracture analysis and surface conditions of observation, to make the correct judgments. In this way, you can take correct and effective maintenance methods or measures, so as to completely solve the problem. However, in general, its leakage factors, mainly for the surface load is too large, surface defects, and uneven wall thickness and so on.

2. The radiator in the refrigerator, what happens when it leaks?

If the radiator in the refrigerator leaks, then it is necessary to deal with in a timely manner to solve. Moreover, this is also in the radiator leak repair this category. Its specific measures, is to re-arrange the pipeline, and replace the damaged parts and so on. And, when you solve this problem, to reserve a certain space, so that the heat sink to ensure the normal cooling needs.

3. Heating radiator, the emergence of leakage, then, how to find leaks? In addition, aluminum radiator, which should be caused by leakage of trachoma, how to solve?

Heating radiator, if it leaks, then, is to find out the leak point, in order to take timely measures to deal with the solution. So, in its specific operation, is: to plug the water supply pipe at the interface, and from the other mouth, connect the manual test pump, and then filled with water to suppress, so that you can find out the leak point.

radiator leak repair

Aluminum radiator, the radiator leak repair, if it is caused by the leakage of trachoma, then, is a good solution. If it is on the plane, then, you can use self-operation to stop the leak. If it is shaped parts, you can use underwater glue or glue to repair, to achieve their goals.

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