Do you know why use the water pump suction hose?

- Nov 30, 2017-

In the practical application, the running state of the water pump will be affected to some extent by the water pump suction hose, that is, the quality and installation effect of the water pump suction hose will directly affect the use effect of the water pump. So, after the corrugated hose is selected, do you know how to connect? Next, let’s know the relevant content!


First of all, the water pump suction hose in the current market includes many different types, not only the shapes are different, but also there are obvious differences in material. One of them is bellows, which is made of stainless steel thin - wall seamless pipe or longitudinal seam stainless steel tube as raw material, and then processed by high precision plastic deformation.


So what are the main features? In fact, the elasticity of the profile of the bellows will directly affect the flexibility and fatigue resistance of the water pump suction hose. It is easy to absorb all kinds of motion warping and cyclic loading, so it can satisfy the compensation of large displacement in practical application.


Compared with other types of water pump suction hoses, the advantages of this corrugated flexible metal tube are more obvious, not only has good flexibility, but also has good fatigue resistance, high low temperature, corrosion resistance and many other advantages. Because of this, its service life is also longer. With the development of market and the progress of industry, its application is more and more extensive.


In the actual operation, because the pump body during the operation will have a certain vibration, and the vibration may cause damage to the instrument, or even affect the normal operation of the entire system. So that a pump connected water pump suction hose is required in the import and export of the pump.


In this way, after installing the water pump suction hose, not only can obviously reduce the vibration situation, but also can eliminate part of the noise pollution. In short, the water pump suction hose not only can protect the normal work of the system, but also can calm the working environment.