Even More Good Beginner Motorcycles

- Nov 19, 2018-

图片13: KTM Duke

 KTM Duke is a range of motorcycles, all of which are suitable for beginners. If you want to buy an updated, the 2015 KTM 690 Duke is light weight, weighs 342 pounds (155 kg), and thanks to its wide grip, it has a comfortable riding position [source: KTM]. All models in the Duke series have anti-lock brakes, while the brakes themselves are Brembo brakes that provide good braking power.

The Duke 690 is equipped with a six-speed transmission and an electric starter. Its engine uses liquid cooling, which reduces the risk of overheating if you encounter traffic jams in hot weather. With a seat height of approximately 32 inches (81.28), it is suitable for riders of all sizes. Other Duke models include 390, 200 and 125. There is no earth-shattering power, but they are enough to keep up with traffic and improve your riding skills.


2: Honda Rebel 250

A major consideration for beginner motorcycle riders who are looking for a bike is price. After all, you don't want to lay out a lot of cash on a bike you might outgrow. Even when you're shopping starter bikes, it's tough to find one as affordable as the Honda Rebel 250, which starts at just over $4,000. Seriously, it can be tough to find a used bike with Honda reliability at a price that low.

In addition to that small starting price (imagine how affordable a used one would be), the Rebel 250 has retro styling, a 234 cc engine and gets up to 84 miles per gallon (35.71 kilometers per liter), so it's cheap at the dealership and at the gas pump. The Rebel's seat is 26.6 (67.6) inches off the ground, making it easy to put both feet flat on the ground when you stop. That low seat height also aids parking and other slow-speed maneuvers, which helps you gain confidence while you improve your skills.


1: A Cheap Used Bike

Most (but not all) of the bikes on this list are brand new and most are suitable for most new drivers. Still, when you have a shiny new motorcycle license plate to burn a hole in your pocket, you are likely to go out and buy the biggest, brightest and latest bike you can afford. This is a mistake, no matter what the salesperson at Harley or Ducati dealers says.

Before you prepare for your dream bike, take the time to build your skills on a small, affordable second-hand motorcycle. You can get something that you can gain confidence and skills without making a big investment. When you give it up - and you will give it up - you won't have thousands of dollars. With the number of people buying beginner bikes and then switching to bigger or more powerful things, there are many reasonably priced used bicycles on the market. Look for cheap and small things, similar to the kind of bike you ultimately want. Take the time to get comfortable on your new-to-you two-wheeled teacher. When you're ready for your dream bike, sell your starter bike to another new rider and keep the great biker wheel of life turning.


Author's Note: 10 Good Beginner Motorcycles

Usually, I will first recommend a cheap second-hand bicycle to start such a work. In this case, I think it is a very important point to put it first. I am based on the experience here. With my new motorcycle license, I went out and bought a brand new Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Low. Now, this is not a lot of bikes, but for the new rider of my size, this is too much. I eventually grew up, but the first few months of riding were not as interesting or confident as they were. Learn from the mistakes. When it comes to motorcycles, start small and start cheaply.