Excavator hydraulic oil cooler application range and power unit

- Mar 10, 2018-

Excavator hydraulic oil coolers are often used during the use of fine mortar pumps, jib pumps, on-board pumps, excavators, concrete pumps, pavers, trenchless equipment, trenchers, rotary drilling rigs. , paver and air compressor as a transmission medium.

Hydraulic oil cooler operating principle

Excavator hydraulic oil cooler is mainly used for the hydraulic circuit in the operation, when it is working, the high temperature oil in the hydraulic system flows through the hydraulic oil cooler device, in the heat exchanger and the forced flow of cold air The efficient heat exchange is performed so that the oil temperature can be lowered to the operating temperature to ensure that the host can continue to operate normally and the work can be carried out smoothly.

Excavator hydraulic oil cooler application range and power unit

The normal operating pressure of the hydraulic oil cooler of the excavator is 1.6 MPa. During the operation, the maximum working pressure of 5 MPa is designed according to the needs of its users. The maximum allowable hydraulic oil temperature during operation is approximately 120°C. .

Hydraulic oil coolers for excavators are normally installed on the return line of the system. The large-scale equipment or hydraulic system with severe heat generation is usually installed with a separate cooling system. The cooler is the cooling system. The core components. The main role of the cooler is to maintain the heat balance of the hydraulic system and keep its system temperature within the specified range. Generally this temperature range is 35°C-55°C. When the temperature is higher than 55°C, the cooler will start. Lower the oil temperature.