Excavator hydraulic oil cooler in use should pay attention to what?

- Dec 25, 2017-

In order to cool well, excavator hydraulic oil cooler is usually set in the hydraulic system of the total return pipe, or relief valve return pipe. In addition, the use of shovel hydraulic oil cooler in the process, the proposed bypass cooling, which can avoid the impact of the main oil shock.


As a user, special attention should be paid to ensure that the working pressure and operating temperature of excavator hydraulic oil cooler remain within the manufacturer's specifications. In other words, during use, should be as long as possible to avoid being in the impact load state, which can extend its service life.


It should be noted that if the impact generated by the circuit which may have an impact on the cooler, then you should choose a higher pressure hydraulic excavator hydraulic oil cooler, to avoid damage. In addition, the cooling water used may not be seawater, nor should it be used with other liquids containing corrosion components.


During excavator hydraulic oil coolers, be aware of the effects of environmental conditions. Under normal circumstances, in the cold season, if the equipment is not working, then be sure to timely discharge of its internal residual liquid, so as not to freeze the cooler.


In addition, according to water quality, excavator hydraulic oil cooler regular inspection and cleaning dirt, cleaning cycle is usually once every 6 months.


In addition, in order to ensure the hydraulic excavator oil cooler effect, in the design of the time, usually in the oil return port connected to a bypass valve and then back into the tank inside. The benefit of this is that if the pressure inside the excavator's hydraulic oil cooler is too high, it can take some pressure inside the cooler, reducing its internal pressure and making it more durable.