Excavator hydraulic oil cooler installation requirements

- Feb 28, 2018-

Excavator hydraulic oil cooler in the process of using, under normal circumstances will be installed in the system of the oil return pipe, the large equipment or more serious heating system is usually equipped with a separate hydraulic cooling system, excavator hydraulic oil Cooler is the core of the cooling system.

The main function of excavator hydraulic oil cooler when it is used is to maintain the balance of the heat of the hydraulic system so that its temperature can be maintained within the specified range, Above 55 ° C, the cooler will start, lowering the temperature of the oil.

In hydraulic oil coolers for excavators, most of the cooling water contains calcium, magnesium ions and acid carbonate. When the cooling water flows through the metal surface, carbonate water is generated. In addition, the oxygen dissolved in the cooling water can also cause corrosion of the metal to form rust.

Excavator hydraulic oil cooler due to the generation of rust, heat transfer effect decreased. Seriously had to spray the cooling water outside the shell, scaling will block the pipe serious, so that the effect of heat loss. The data show that scale deposits have a huge impact on heat transfer losses, increasing energy costs as deposits increase, saving energy and extending equipment life while saving production time and money.