Excavator radiator and cooling method

- Jun 09, 2018-

The function of the excavator radiator is to disperse unnecessary and unnecessary heat from the engine of the excavator from the engine, so that the engine can operate at normal temperature under various speeds or driving conditions. As an important part of the engine, excavator radiators are indispensable.


Excavator radiator cooling method is such, from the water jacket of the engine hot water, from top to bottom or horizontal is divided into many small strands and its heat is distributed to the surrounding air, thereby increasing the cooling area, accelerate the water The cooling. After the cooling water passes through the radiator, the temperature can be reduced by 10-15°C. In order to remove the heat from the radiator as quickly as possible, fans and radiators are fitted behind the excavator radiator.


The cooling intensity of the excavator radiator is generally affected by the engine operating speed, the crankshaft, the speed of the water pump and the fan, and the outside air temperature. When the conditions of use change, such as the outside temperature is high, the engine works under conditions of low speed and high load, and the cooling intensity is required to be strong. When the outside temperature is low and the engine load is not large, the cooling intensity should be weaker.


Therefore, to ensure that the engine works at the optimal temperature without overheating or undercooling, it is necessary to be able to automatically adjust the cooling strength of the excavator radiator in accordance with changes in the conditions of use. There are two main ways to adjust the cooling intensity. One is to change the air flow rate and flow rate through the radiator; the other is to change the flow rate and circulation route of the coolant.


In addition, it is also necessary to focus on the medium in the excavator radiator. The cooling water here is not pure water but a mixture of water, antifreeze and various special purpose preservatives. The content of antifreeze in these coolants accounts for 30% to 50%, which increases the boiling point of the liquid.


At present, excavator radiators are widely used enclosed cooling media, generally use antifreeze additives added anti-corrosion additives, it is much less corrosive than normal tap water on the cooling metal, and is conducive to improving heat dissipation performance. The closed cooling system ensures that the engine will not be cooled for a long time and must be sealed before it can be used.