Finned Tube Heat Exchangers

- Aug 16, 2018-


Finned Tube Heat Exchangers are the latest addition to the range of high performance cooling products available from Tecfree.

Fin Material Traditionally, heat exchanger tube stacks have been characterized by a plurality of tubes bundled together within a cylinder with several evenly spaced baffles. The difference from the finned tube stack provided by Tecfree is that, in addition to this, the fin plates are stacked along the length of the tube stack. The amount of fins (or fin density) used can vary for different fluids, air and performance requirements, but in any case, users will benefit from an additional 400%* surface area compared to conventional tube designs. The clever fin design ensures that all fins are evenly distributed and they form part of a solid structure. * Calculated according to the "standard size" of the marine charge air cooler.

Tecfree finned tube heat exchanger features;

Tecfree offer both Copper and Aluminium fins which are selected based on the operating environment.


Fin Diameter

Tecfree also offers 7 different fin diameter, creating an extensive range to meet the demands of most applications.    

   101 mm

   126 mm

   152 mm

   171 mm

   192 mm

   205 mm

   259 mm

Fin Pitch

The distance between each fin can also be varied, this allows the engineers at Tecfree to ensure maximum performance within pressure drop limitations.    

   12 fpi

   15 fpi

   18 fpi

   22 fpi

   25 fpi

   30 fpi

The Tecfree finned tube stack series can be designed to allow retro-fitting into existing machines and engines, with fixed end tube sheets and custom housings.