Function of Intercooler&mounting position etc

- Sep 02, 2017-

1. Functions of Intercooler 

Generally ,It will be used in turbo charged vehicle . so it is regarded as spare part of turbo changer . Temp is increasing up after after turbo charger , then will be cooled by intercooler .at last , it increases the thermal load and air input and engine power .

2. Mounting Position of Intercooler 

Intercooler , it is most important part of turbo charging system .It will be same for mechanical supercharger or turbo charging engines. About mounting position , it is between intake manifold and turbo changer .

3. How to Reduce The Temp With Intercooler?

  #1  Auto exhaust is very high in temp ,after turbo charger will be higher .certainly will affect the working efficiency of engine.

  #2  If turbo charging air enter combustion chamber without cooling , will affect intake efficiency of engine. Furthermore ,will cause overheating of combustion chamber and air pollution.

  #3   Without intercooler , engine will consume more fuel .

In conclusion , intercooler will bring a lot of benefits such as increase adaptability of height and compatibility of turbo charger. so , it is very worth using it .


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