Functions of construction machinery oil cooler and specialties

- Sep 16, 2017-

Construction machinery oil cooler is commonly applied in hydraulic and lubricating system ,heat exchange with two mediums which are different temp ,therefore can reduce oil temp ,ensure whole system in good condition .


Construction machinery oil cooler can be divided into air cooling cooler and water cooling cooler according to different medium ,mainly cooling down the hydraulic and lubrication oil . They can be used in plastic industryengineering machinery mining machine steel wind powerauto and space industry etc. 

 Hydraulic and lubrication systems are key elements for all kind of machines ,Hydraulic system in order to  maintain its high pressure will cause a lot of heat ,  oil temp will go up accordingly.


Construction machinery oil cooler need to keep oil temp within accepted range in term of smooth operation .For lubricating oil cooler ,although reasons for rising of lubricating oil temp are different ,but still need us to keep oil temp within specified range too .

Advantages of water cooling oil cooler : have better cooling power and can meet requirement of low oil temp .

Advantages of air cooling oil cooler: heat exchange between air and oil ,air can be regarded as cooling source , basically no restriction for selection of working location and environment friendly.

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