General categories and characteristics of aluminum heat exchangers

- Jun 08, 2019-

The aluminum heat exchanger is a device that transfers part of the heat of the hot fluid to the cold fluid. The heating fins for heating in daily life, the condenser in the steam turbine unit, and the oil cooler on the space rocket are all heat exchangers. . It is also widely used in industrial sectors such as chemical, petroleum, power and atomic energy. Its main function is to ensure the specific temperature required by the process for the medium, and it is also one of the main equipment to improve energy efficiency.


With the development of the manufacturing process, the aluminum heat exchanger not only has a large heat transfer area per unit volume, but also has a good heat transfer effect. Aluminum heat exchangers can be divided into three types: hybrid, regenerative and partition. The hybrid heat exchanger is a heat exchanger that exchanges heat through direct contact and mixing of cold and hot fluids. Since the two fluids must be separated in time after heat exchange, the heat exchanger is suitable for gas and liquid. Heat exchange.


The regenerative heat exchanger is a heat exchanger that uses cold and hot fluid to alternately flow through the surface of the regenerator (filler) in the regenerator to exchange heat, and is mainly used for recovering and utilizing the heat of the high-temperature exhaust gas. The heat exchanger of the partition wall heat exchanger in which the cold and hot fluids are separated by the solid partition and exchange heat through the partition wall


The relative flow directions of fluids in aluminum heat exchangers are generally both forward and reverse. When flowing downstream, the temperature difference between the two fluids at the inlet is large, and gradually decreases along the heat transfer surface, and the temperature difference to the outlet is small. In the case of countercurrent flow, the temperature difference distribution of the two fluids along the heat transfer surface is relatively uniform.