How to check the skills of alternator stator windings?

- Mar 18, 2020-

The inspection methods for communicating the stator windings of generators are as follows:
① Stator winding grounding inspection: Set the multimeter to Rxl position, use one meter stick to contact the iron core, and the other meter stick to the three-phase winding head respectively: the resistance values should be infinite; otherwise, the neutral point should be fused , Retest the winding of each phase, find out the phase of grounding, and disassemble and rewind.

② Stator winding short-circuit and open-circuit inspection: Touch the multimeter's two meter bars to the winding heads separately: The resistance value measured three times should be 揖, etc .; the resistance value at one time is very small, it is a short circuit in the two phases; For infinity, there is an open circuit in the two phases. Then from the neutral point phase separation and re-testing, you can find the short-circuit, open-circuit location, disassembly and replacement.

③ The crimping card and neutral point of each end of the stator winding should be excellently welded, and the insulation sleeve of the neutral point should also be intact. Otherwise, the insulation sleeve should be re-soldered and replaced.