How to fix with leakage of different radiators(coolers) ?

- Sep 07, 2017-

Radiator when found leakage ,how should we handle with it or fix ? next article can be helpful for you .


1. In radiator ,if only fluid tubes inside is leaked , then how can we do it ?

 If leaks from fluid tubes ,you can check the leaking area and its surface , to determine what action to be done next . basically ,reasons for leakage is from overload in positions、surface defect 、wall thickness is not even etc .

2 When heat radiator leak ,how to find leaking point ?  Besides , if aluminum alloy radiator ,leakage due to casting blowhole ,what can we do something about it ?

About heat radiator ,firstly we enclose one connector ,and water hose connect with another connector ,pump with pressure ,immersed in a water sink ,bubbles will be found if leaks .

About aluminum alloy radiator leaks , if working fluid is low pressured water or air , it will often be repaired with glue . 

3 . How to fix when brazing radiator leak ?

Generally ,for brazing radiator (aluminum or copper) . leakages will come from fluid tubes or welding beams . Mostly because material stress 、harsh working condition (vibration、low ambient temp 、fatigue etc ) . normally can be repair welded to fix the leakage ,if it is still within warranty period ,you may contact supplier asap .

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