How to install car electronic fan, do not have to enter 4S shop if it is broken

- Mar 16, 2020-

The so-called electronic cooling fan device is actually the relative position between the fan and the engine, radiator and other components. Different car electronic cooling fan device methods may be different. The engine cooling system of the car is non-integrated, so the electronic cooling fans as parts are separately purchased and shipped to the car factory, and then assembled with water tanks and engines.

The installation precautions are as follows:
1. Confirm the type of electronic cooling fan according to the customer's cooling needs.
What affects the installation is the air supply method. Car electronic cooling fans are divided into two types: suction type and blow type. The blower-type car's electronic cooling fan is embedded in the windshield, and the cooling air is blown to the radiator by the fan. The air-cooled car's electronic cooling fan is “sticked” to the windshield, the fan blades protrude outside the windshield, and the fan sucks air from the radiator.
2. Fixation of car's electronic cooling fan. Not much to say.
3. Match the ECU controller of the car's electronic cooling fan.