How to properly maintain diesel engine radiator

- Jan 25, 2018-

From the structure to analyze, although the diesel engine radiator occupies only a small space in the entire unit, but its role is not negligible. As a user, in order to ensure the normal performance of its performance, and therefore in the daily work should be done on the diesel engine radiator maintenance. So what exactly is included? Let's understand together!


First of all, regularly exhaust air for diesel engine radiator. Obviously, the device is mainly used to help the engine cooling. In actual work, due to the complicated situation, it may cause corrosion to the heat sink, resulting in its performance being affected. In fact, corrosion is also one of the main causes of heat sink failure during use. Therefore, during use, it is necessary to remove air in time to prevent corrosion problems.


Second, take appropriate measures to prevent water from entering the interior of the diesel engine radiator. Under normal circumstances, the radiator should not be part of the state of the water injection, otherwise it will accelerate the corrosion. If necessary, also need to add an appropriate amount of anti-rust agent.

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Third, in the operation of diesel engine radiator, should pay attention to such a few problems: Because the radiator coolant is generally relatively hot, but also has some pressure, it must not be cooling when not finishing the heat Do not disassemble the pipe.


Fourth, pay attention to maintaining the exterior of the diesel engine radiator clean. If the device is in a dusty or foul environment, it may be affected by these debris, resulting in reduced heat dissipation. It should therefore be cleaned regularly.

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Fifth, promptly remove the debris accumulated inside the diesel engine radiator. This is mainly to ensure the long-term stable operation of the radiator, but also to extend the service life of diesel engine radiator, reduce the malfunction.