How to remove a car radiator

- Sep 15, 2018-

The radiators of early cars were made of copper and brass alloys. They can be repaired by welding. But some of the later cars - including the mini subway - were equipped with radiators with aluminum cores and plastic top and bottom tanks. This heat sink may be damaged by forcing a hose or pressure cap or over-tightening the clip.


A typical radiator

In most modern cars, the radiator has four side mounts and a top and bottom hose. The electric fan can be bolted to the fan cover and closed, especially on some lateral engine vehicles, where the radiator is mounted on the side of the engine compartment.

The damage is impossible for a home mechanic to repair, and usually the radiator must be replaced.

Aluminum does not dissipate heat and does not dissipate heat, so there must be more fins on the core, so it is easily blocked by dirt on the road. Clean at least once a year.

There is one advantage, however: lightweight radiators generally have simple fixings and are easy to remove.