How to use the Hydraulic oil coolers and its maintenance

- Oct 09, 2017-

Hydraulic oil coolers is widely used in our daily life, but there are many people in the course of the use of unavoidable operation, the damage caused by the machine is very large, the use of the machine but will not use the appropriate conservation. So how should the Hydraulic oil coolers operate and keep it?


First of all, must be done before using the machine is to check the machine is intact, check to see if the machine and the entire work system integration. And then unscrew the screw plug out of the port, slowly shut the oil valve. In the oil slowly overflow when the oil valve to open slowly screw on the screw plug. Open the exhaust cylinder and close the inlet valve. After the water is filled, the inlet and exhaust cylinders are opened so that both the water and the oil are in motion and the temperature gradually becomes smaller after heat exchange. After the water temperature is lowered, open the icing water and remove the valve, and then open the cooling water and into the valve, so that the oil will remain at the normal temperature. Cooler maintenance work is the need for regular inspection, the main inspection of the oil system, the degree of wear is too large to replace the new, but also need regular cleaning cooler, are generally in the 3-6 months for cleaning. Conduct the work of the cooler on a regular basis and periodically check the filters on the cooler equipment. To keep the hydraulic oil coolers clean, in order to maintain the cooling capacity of the machine.


Understand the operation of the machine in order to better play the machine's greatest ability to work, to maintain their own hydraulic oil coolers in order to better use of hydraulic oil coolers.


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